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Excellence Peterbilt est à l’honneur ce mois-ci dans Today’s Trucking. Notre camion édition spéciale 20e anniversaire est le camion du mois.

Truck of the Month – Neo Classic

By Steve Bouchard

This 2017 Peterbilt 389is the result of a Camions Excellence Peterbilt dealership project designed to demonstrate classic features alongside advanced aerodynamics, power, and safety. Sales representative Richard Prévost had the idea to customize the model. “The truck arrived from the factory deliberately stripped,” he said, referring to how it was dressed with the help of
mechanics David Perrault and Camilo Crestto, who designed the paint scheme completed by PJF of Saint-Hyacinthe. Fabricator Daniel Bilodeau of Thetford Mines, Quebec, packed the 389 with stainless steel and aluminum accessories. The pair of eight-inch Dynaflex exhaust pipes are, by the way, purely decorative. Indiana-based RoadWorks Manufacturing handled the grille, sun visor, and bumper. “You cannot tell the year just by seeing it,” Prevost said with a smile. The Diesel Particulate Filter and urea tank were factory-installed under the sleeper so the battery boxes and running boards could be placed under the doors, mimicking a classic look. “It looks like there’s no particle filter. This redevelopment allowed us to put six-inch cab skirts on each side,” he said. The upgrades were valued at $45,000.

Publication dans Today's Trucking

Publication dans Today’s Trucking

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