Essentials models for construction site

The Peterbilt 348 and 567, a versatile vocational truck.

Model 348 is one of Peterbilt’s most versatile specialty trucks. It can be chosen for construction, crane service or utility or delivery applications. The Peterbilt 348 is built to do the heavy work. Robustness and durability characterize it. This truck has been designed to exceed the rigid requirements of the Class 7 and 8 market. It offers a wide range of options specific to each application.

With a GVWR starting at 33,000 pounds, the 348 is a multi-tasking truck that can fit almost any application. It is available in tractor or carrier version depending on the work to be done. It is also available in all-wheel drive configuration.

A multiplexed electrical system enables simple and reliable diagnostics with numbered and color-coded cables. The optional SmartNav® system provides real-time truck performance verification, advanced navigation, Bluetooth® connectivity, and access to satellite radio. For exceptional maneuverability and maximum payload, the 348 is available with single or tandem axles.

Truck Peterbilt 348

Peterbilt 567, a sustainable truck.

The Peterbilt Model 567 is the very definition of durability and quality in the specialized vocational truck market. The aluminum frame of the cab is sturdy and robust, so your truck lasts longer. It is designed to meet the highest standards of quality.

Inside, the spacious cockpit offers an ergonomic and comfortable work space for the drivers. On the job site, the plunging hood and the one-piece windshield provide exceptional visibility. The turning radius offers more maneuverability for congested construction sites.

External, receptacle mounted headlights are durable, corrosion resistant, easy to replace and less likely to break. They have halogen bulbs, which increases the life of the bulb and improves night vision.

Available with a 115 “or 121” rear bumper length (BBC), it can be ordered with a day cab or with a selection of bed compartments that can be removed.

The 567 model from Peterbilt is as versatile as it is reliable. It is also offered in advanced front axle configuration. This feature expands the exceptional versatility of this product. The new advanced front axle configuration is ideal for concrete mixers and other applications where weight is an important factor. It allows customers to maximize their payload while complying with current weight standards.

Truck Peterbilt 567

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