Trucks Leasing Services

PacLease is one of North America’s most renowned short or long term leasing companies. They offer their services to more than 210 independent franchises across Canada, the United States and Mexico.PacLease is able to offer the Peterbilt products thanks to their association with Paccar inc. a truck manufacturing company, Member of the Fortune 500 enterprises. The Peterbilt trucks stand out among others because of their quality and reliability. Furthermore they have throughout the years become the first choice for several transport companies.

PacLease is well aware of the challenges that fleet administrators must face today: Constant pressure on the market to reduce operation costs, looking for an adequate as well as economical combination to meet their needs, the flexibility to better adapt to the client’s requests and also the rising cost of new trucks brought about by the technological development needed to increase the efficiency of these vehicles, ect.

PacLease offers solutions enabling you to control costs and eliminate the disadvantages associated with the purchase, management, operations and maintenance that a fleet of trucks rentails.

We have a large number of programs to offer that are costumed made to meet your needs. Example: Our Long Term Truck Leasing Services with all cost included package and also our Maintenance and Assistance contract dedicated to managing transportation contracts, will surely satisfy your requirements and enable your company to continue the road to efficiency and profitability.


    • Short and long term trucks leasingPacLease-PB386
    • Trucks replacement
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Roadside Assistance 24/7
    • Support for emissions of permits and licenses
    • Cleaning of trucks
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