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The Model 348 is built to take on the big jobs. This truck was designed to exceed the rigid demands of Class 7 and Class 8 specialty application markets that require rugged durability and a wide range of option content. The Model 348 represents a multi-dimensional performer with a GVW beginning at 35,000 lbs. and optional capacity ratings to suit almost any speciality vocation. It is available in both truck and tractor confi gurations and can be spec’d to meet virtually any application. Collision mitigation technology is also available for enhanced safety.
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Peterbilt trucks model 348 Peterbilt’s Model 348 provides the driver with an unsurpassed combination of comfort and reliability. The  ergonomically designed driver display package features brightly backlit gauges that are easy to read and simple  to understand and includes key vehicle performance data. The Model 348 also includes power windows,  mirrors, and lock switches all located in the door pad design for added convenience. Dual cup holders are  within easy reach of the driver and passenger, and a “dead” pedal provides a comfortable seating position.
Peterbilt trucks model 348 VersalityThe Model 348 is available in either a truck or tractor confi guration with a GVW between
35,000 –  56,000 lbs. The Model 348 can meet the demands of  virtually any work application and is spec’d to meet the  needs of any business, including pickup and delivery, food services and beverage distribution. The Model  348 is also available in an all-wheel-drive confi guration specifi cally designed for off-road vocational  applications such as construction, petroleum delivery, refuse and utility service where rugged durability, i  increased maneuverability and reliable performance are critical. For environmentally friendly operation,  the Model 348 is available in a hybrid electric confi guration.

Peterbilt trucks model 348Peterbilt engineers have designed signifi cant visibility improvements into the Model 348. An overall 17% increase in side window visibility was the result of lowered and slanted side window beltlines. Additionally, the dash sightlines have been adjusted to improve forward visibility. This provides an advantage for drivers operating in congested, urban environments or vocational worksites.

Peterbilt trucks model 348The Model 348 is constructed of an all-aluminum cab that is lightweight for fuel effi ciency and corrosionresistant for durability. The Metton® hood is  lightweight but strong, and tilts open a full 90-degrees for easier access to key service points. A HVAC system not only improves air fl ow, but also reduces maintenance costs. The dash’s “in-mold” color process imbeds color permanently into the material resulting in an extremely durable, fade resistant finish.


Peterbilt trucks model 348

Peterbilt offers customers a choice of two proprietary, fuel-effi cient engines. The PACCAR PX-6 engine (200 – 360 hp) offers the highest horsepower to weight ratio in the industry while the PACCAR PX-8 (260 – 380 hp), provides up to 1,050 lb-ft of torque for heavy loads. Advanced electronics help the engine run smoother and more effi ciently, as well as reduce service costs. PACCAR engines provide a wide range of horsepower and torque and outstanding fuel economy for greater overall performance.

The Peterbilt Model 348 proves its value every day with every mile.

  • Customized fi nance packages available through PACCAR Financial make purchasing or leasing a new Model 348 a simple and affordable choice.
  • PacLease provides full-service medium duty leasing programs customized for worry-free acquisition and operation.
  • Peterbilt customers receive industry leading service, including preventive maintenance plans, expedited QuickCare services and 24/7 complimentary.  Customer Assistance through 1-800-4-Peterbilt.
  • Visit to locate the dealer closest to you and for more information on the complete line of quality Peterbilt medium duty trucks.
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