On highways, city streets and job sites, you’ll see Peterbilt’s commitment to environmentally conscious trucks. Whether it’s alternative fuel platforms like liquid or compressed natural (LNG and CNG) gas or electric hybrid engines, Petebilt’s growing line of environmentally friendly trucks meets the needs of a wide range of operational requirements. This growing product line is an example of Peterbilt’s commitment to develop products that will reduce pollutant emissions while maintaining the performance and savings our customers need.

Heavy-duty hybrid or natural gas truck (LNG, CNG)

The evolution of the Peterbilt brand in environmental matters is undeniable. For the sake of our collective well-being for all , Peterbilt remains a leader in fuel economy and is working to reduce it ecological footprint on the environment.
In the same launch of his famous Paccar MX engine 13 liters , Peterbilt is rebuilding with the new 567 and 579 models to ensure that it remains a leader in the responsible transportation industry.

Several innovations and improvements have been implemented. Here are some examples :

  • The use of lighter materials such as aluminum to replace steel, contributes greatly to reduce the overall vehicle weight.
  •  The choice of tire with a low rolling resistance, reduces fuel consumption from 2% to 3% .
  • The use of air deflector improves the aerodynamics, have a significant decrease in drag and can save you up to 8 % in fuel!

And these are just a few examples ! Did you know, Excellence Peterbilt has developed in recent years a strong expertise in Natural gas technology? The use of alternative fuel for diesel helps to reduce our impact on environment.

This is the case of natural gas. With over 150 Peterbilt trucks on our roads, running with natural gas, Excellence Peterbilt is without any doubt, the leader in Canada!