We’re seeing an increase in natural gas trucks and electric trucks due to several advantages. Not only can these greener options reduce your expenses in the long run, they also require much less maintenance than diesel trucks!

Are you considering converting to electric or natural gas trucks? Here are some perks this choice could bring you!

Why convert to natural gas trucks?

  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Whether traditional or renewable, natural gas reduces emissions and the carbon footprint.
  • Reduce fuel costs. The price of natural gas is generally 50% lower than diesel. The more you drive, the more you save!
  • Warm up during the winter. The spark plug ignition (1 per cylinder) greatly facilitates starting the engine during the winter. Also, the natural gas engine warms up much faster than a diesel engine.
  • Reduce noise. The natural gas engine reduces the noise level by at least 10 dB. This feature is much appreciated by drivers and residents of residential areas!

Why convert to electric trucks?

  • To respect the environment. Trucking is the 2nd largest source of pollution in Canada. Fortunately, electric vehicles don’t emit polluting gases.
  • Low maintenance. Electric trucks require much less maintenance. Say goodbye to coolant and engine draining!
  • Energetic efficiency. Electric vehicles are more efficient than internal combustion ones.
  • Reduce energy costs. Electric trucks can be an option to reduce gasoline and diesel costs.

If you have any questions about electric trucks or natural gas trucks, contact our professionals. They’ll be able to explain the advantages of these choices to you while evaluating what best suits your needs. At Excellence Peterbilt, your satisfaction is our top priority.