Minimizer products


You probably say that is two words who do not go together, THINK AGAIN.

The Minimizer fenders utilize patented technology. The material, polyethylene, is extremely durable, impervious to salt and is resistant to temperatures between -73 ° C and +91 ° C.
They completely cover the fenders and are designed with a unique edge, allowing your cargo and equipment to stay sharper and better protected. When they are dented or crushed, they always resume their original shape and are much lighter than conventional fenders.

The Minimizer fenders never rust. The color is molded in several layers. The scratches are not visible.


Discover them in extreme conditions!

Endurance events for Minimizer fenders

Extreme events

It will keep your truck clean

A variety of styles, colors and options are available to offer a unique style to your truck.

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